Tinsel by Kris Bryant

On the first day of Christmas… I got to read this phenomenal novella. 

What was the book about?
Jessica has just broken up with her no-good cheating ex, and she’s ready to wallow through the holidays. When she gets home, she finds the most adorable kitten is sitting on her doorstep. Jessica has no intentions on keeping the cat so she does the right thing and takes it to the Vet to find out if it belongs to anyone. When she literally bumps into the Vet, all bets are off…

Between the cat that she can’t help but fall for and the Vet that has stolen all her thoughts, Christmas is starting to look a lot like, well… Happy? 

Featured Tropes: Enemy-lovers/ Christmas Romance/ Adorable animals/ Novella

Book Strengths:
Another triumph from the pen of Kris Bryant. Tinsel moves to the top of my favourite Christmas read. The book was entirely from Jessica’s POV and I loved every minute of being in her world, especially the moments with that kitten… Talk about adorable. 

Taylor is my favourite character. Her upbeat attitude and the way that she is even when Jessica is grumpy about life, made me just like her more. Taylor brought out the best in Jessica, and when Jessica finally got over herself long enough to see Taylor as more than an annoyance, it changed everything. 

Secondary character Mo brought a fantastic amount of levity and fun to book. I loved when she graced the page. I almost wish Kris Bryant would write her back story into a novella for next Christmas. What say you, Ms Bryant?

Character Chemistry:
The sparks fly immediately between Jessica and Taylor even if in the beginning it’s not all about attraction. In fact, I think Jessica being a bit annoyed in the beginning made things even more powerful when Jessica realises her connection with Taylor.

Wrap up:
It was the best feeling this morning to wake up to on the first of December and read Tinsel. It has officially put me in the Christmas mood. 

Star Rating: 5

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