Changing the Script by Lee Winter

Cop with a chip on her shoulder meets stubborn, indie film director and sparks fly.

What was the book about?
Alexandra Levitin is a respected indie film director who accepts a job directing “the worst movie, ever” out of desperation when she finds out her accountant (and ex-girlfriend) has made a serious error on her taxes. An error she can’t currently afford. About five minutes after arriving in New Zealand where her new movie is being filmed, Alex has a run in with the local police constable. 

Samantha Keegan is not impressed with the movie being filmed in her community, and after meeting Alex and finding out she’s working on the film, she’s not impressed with Alex either. The two women continue to bump heads as Sam is forced to deal with Alex due to sabotage on the set.

Featured Tropes: Enemies to Lovers

Book Strengths:
What can one say about Lee Winter’s books other than to talk about how truly wonderful they are. I’ve read almost all of Lee’s books, and they are all phenomenal. Changing the Script is no different. This book takes place in the Breaking Character universe, and give a nod to the Brutal Truth. If you have yet to read either of these books, you are missing a divine experience. One of the wonderful things about Changing the Script is getting to revisit so many of the characters from Breaking Character. While this can certainly be read as a stand alone novel, reading Breaking Character first will give you some insight into the personalities of several of the characters in Changing the Script, including one of the protagonists, Alex. 

Book Weaknesses:
There were two issues I had with this book. First, it was a little slow through the first half, but once it took off, it really took off. The other issue was one of the main characters. Don’t want to spoil anything, but I love vulnerability in a character, especially when she’s icy. In this case though, it was more insecurity than vulnerability, and it made the character dynamic a little weird for me.

Character Chemistry:
Hot, hot, hot. I love Alex and Sam together. Even at the beginning when they were contentious with one another, the chemistry was obvious. They had a level of intimacy with each other that made it clear they belong together.

Heat Rating: 3

Wrap up:
Another winner from my favorite author. 

Star Rating: 4.5

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