Big Girl Pill by KD Williamson

A fun, sexy read about realising what you want doesn’t align with what you have!

What was the book about?
Maya’s college best friend, Nina, is getting married, and she is in the wedding party, and it sucks. Not only is she going back to her hometown where she’s all but run away, but on top of that, she is madly in love with Nina and knows it’s going to hurt like hell watching her get married.

Nina was excited for her wedding until Maya walked back into her life and turned her world on its axis. Now she doesn’t know which way is up? Or are these just wedding jitters?

Featured Tropes
Friends to lovers/ Oh the sex!/ Toaster oven.

Book Strengths
I’ve been waiting a long time for this book, so when I finally got my hands on it, I have to admit I dropped everything to read it. It did not disappoint in any way. The writing is tight, the plot flows at a nice steady pace, and the character development over the course of the book is awesome!!! Like really f*%king awesome. How these ladies grow together is probably my favourite part.

Like Nina for example, her transformation is just bloody fantastic. She doesn’t only grow in strength and courage, but by the end, she is her true self! It was so awesome to watch.
Then there’s Maya, who by the way, is just beautiful inside and out. She learns to trust again and tries to mend fences in her home life.

And when their together as friends or more it’s just so lovely…major swoon! They complete each other beautifully, and I think you could call them soul mates. I’m actually quite shocked KD Williamson pulled off a sweet romance instead of her usual Cops & Docs books she’s been publishing the past few years. But hey, she pulled this off perfectly!
Also a quick mention to her inclusion of Women of Colour is just fantastic. It’s something I’ve noticed since I began reading lesfic that WOC are just not represented. It makes me sad, so yay for KD Williamson.

Also I need more of secondary character, Rachel… so… you know a sequel, spin off or whatever would be amazing! She was as much a favourite character as the other main protagonists.

Character Chemistry
Well… Maya and Nina have chemistry in spades. Let me tell you the tension at times is just freaking hot and a little uncomfortable to read which I kinda get off on!! And when they do fall into bed, they set the sheets on fire, it’s that hot!
Also, the friendship that they had prior to getting involved really adds to the romance, and it heightened the intimacy. Major tick.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
Fantastic novel, highly recommend grabbing a copy and devouring it the minute it hits your hands!

Star Rating

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