Thursday Afternoons by Tracey Richardson

A fun and sexy book that will tug at your heartstrings.

What was the book about?
Amy and Ellis start a no-strings, Thursday hook up. It’s perfect for them both with no complications and nothing but pleasure. What can go wrong? When Amy and Ellis lives collide outside the bedroom, it’s not good. Can they still keep their sexy Thursdays? Or have they found the one complication that can’t be ignored?

Featured Tropes: Forbidden love, medical romance, Oh! The sex. 

Book Strengths:
This book is just pure fun. It starts off very sexy, and for a change, the drama doesn’t really pick up till around the 30% point; but when it does, it’s a doozey. The pace of the book is excellent, and at no point are you left feeling uncertain about Ellis and Amy. The chemistry between them is there in spades. 

I love the way Tracey Richardson amped up the tension when everything is revealed and the chapters that follow. This made it really easy for me to connect with the storyline and the characters. 

Claire and Ellie from ‘I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” make an appearance. Ellie’s sister, Erin, whom I was hoping would get her own standalone, was the main secondary character in this book, too. I’d still like for Erin to get her own book or short story of what actually happened between her and Kate in this book. I connected with Erin in both books and think other readers will too.

Character Chemistry:
Tracey Richardson knows how to write good sex scenes. This book, in particular, was very sexy. Ellis and Amy bring the heat from chapter one and I reckon this book is going to be a massive tick for Lesfic readers in regard to chemistry. 

Heat Rating: 4

Fantastic story. I want more from this group of friends. Keep em’ coming!

Star Rating: 5

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