Chasing Sunset by Missouri Vaun

Sometimes the road less travelled leads to what you didn’t know you were looking for at the beginning of your journey!

What was the book about?
With dreams of becoming a stunt driver but languishing as a limo driver, Taylor Finn is at a crossroad. Iris Fleming, an aspiring actress and well known for her Doritos Superbowl ad, flys into Atlanta for an audition which she hopes will change her life. After suffering what is probably the worst flight in her life, Iris goes to the audition only to be put off entirely by the director who obviously has no idea that the #Metoo movement is alive and well. Iris hires a car and makes her way out of the city and stops at a diner where she sees a striking butch who appears to be giving another woman a hard time given that she is crying. Fresh from her experience with the director, Iris promptly dumps a glass of water on the supposed antagonist and walks out. Finn had been trying to help a young woman who had been harassed by her date. When out of nowhere, a stunning woman soaks her.  Iris and Finn’s lives are destined to collide. Will a road trip from Atlanta to LA bring happiness and love or disaster and disillusionment?

Featured Tropes: Romance, Hollywood romance, Butch-femme

Book Strengths:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I would love to embark on my own road trip adventure after reading it. Especially after Missouri Vaun descriptions of the small towns and out of the way places so vividly. It was like I was there in person. 

Finn and Iris are wonderfully well-written characters. You feel all their frustration, insecurities and also their love. I really connected with Finn, and I think by the end I was really invested in her happiness with Iris. 

Character Chemistry:
Even though you know it’s a romance, and you hope that the two main characters are going to end up together, what I really enjoyed about this is that they were immediately drawn to each other. Whether the circumstances were perfect for romance or if anger and resentment were there, Iris and Finn were connected by what seems like destiny.

Heat Rating: 4.5

Wrap up:
Chasing Sunset was sweet, sexy, and honestly, the road wasn’t long enough in this book… I wish it didn’t have to end.

Star Rating: 5

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