Hot Ice by Aurora Rey, Elle Spencer and Erin Zak

Oh, this book is almost too hot to handle.

What was the book about?
Hot Ice is an anthology of three novellas from Aurora Rey, Elle Spencer and Erin Zak. From Enemies to lovers; Teacher-student; and employee-boss romance, this book has it all, and it is all around the central trope of Ice Queens.

Featured Tropes: Ice Queen, Sports, Age Gap, Enemies to lovers, Boss-Employee, Teacher Student, Oh! The sex. 

Book Strengths:
What happens when you put three of my favourite authors in one book? It blows my mind! 

Ice on wheels by Aurora Rey 
Derby opponents then teammates and work colleagues… oh the sexy drama! The characters were really well developed after such little page time, and it felt like I had read a novel because it was all tied up perfectly. The tension was thick, and it made the character chemistry seep from the pages. And as usual, Aurora Rey wrote it in such a way I was glued to the page. 

I reckon it must be difficult to show love and chemistry in such a small page count, but Aurora Rey just does it effortlessly in all her novellas/short stories.

Private Equity by Elle Spencer
Boss-employee romance that was not only extremely hot (like smokin’), but also pulled at my heartstrings in a big way! Written from Cassie’s POV, which is not only hilarious, but you can almost feel her longing for her boss, Julia. Plus, Julia’s daughter was just the icing on the cake, completely adorable in every way and completed the story perfectly. And the secondary characters Piper and Rory, well we definitely need more from them! Because… damn. 

Elle Spencer wrote a novella called, Forget Her Not, and it’s not only my all-time favourite novella, but it’s my go-to story for… well every occasion, really. Let me just say that Private Equity is now fighting for that top spot like a champ! And they are from the SAME author. It’s crazy! 

Closed-Door Policy by Erin Zak
Student-Professor romance with a very sexy difference. Oh, this one was quite angsty, and the tension was thick. You could tell from the beginning that the student, Caroline, and Dr. Atlanta are going to struggle to deal with their chemistry. It is also incredibly sexy, watching the build-up between them. The more Atlanta pushes Caroline away, the more the reader wants them to give in to their attraction. It was fascinating to watch it all unfold. 

Wrap up: This book was everything I was hoping for and so much more. 

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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