Meeting Ms. Roman by Karen F. Williams

An enjoyable novella with a predictable but fun twist

What was the book about?
On its surface, Meeting Ms. Roman is a story about Catherine, an author who writes about big cats, and a mysterious, sexy fan named Karla (Ms. Roman). The two strike up a friendship via letters, and are about to finally meet in person. Beneath the surface, there is a fun paranormal twist. Karla (Ms. Roman) comes into Catherine’s life at a time when she’s experiencing major writer’s block and considering not writing any more novels. For her part, Karla is foreign, mysterious, very sexy (of course), and kind of just what Catherine needs to find her muse again. Will Catherine find her muse on this trip, or find disaster instead? Is Ms. Roman even real? 

Featured Tropes: Paranormal/Supernatural, Mystery

Book Strengths:
Finding Ms. Roman is a well-paced novella. The plot is well fleshed-out despite the short length. It was an enjoyable read overall – not much angst and just enough mystery to keep it interesting while staying relatively light. The descriptions of the various places depicted in the story were excellent and clearly well researched. Overall it was fun to read!

Book Weaknesses: 
While the setting development was fabulous, the character development was a bit lacking. I had fun reading about Karla and Catherine, but didn’t fall in love with either of them and feel that there could have been more growth and connection there. Perhaps a full length novel would have allowed for more of this development!

Character Chemistry:
Karla and Catherine had good but not great chemistry. The meet cute was great and the plot was exciting, but the love story was a little flat

Heat Rating: 3.5 flames

Wrap up:
Finding Ms. Roman is a great little novella for anyone looking for a quick, light read with a paranormal twist. 

Star Rating: 4

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