Corporate Lines by Donna Jay

Every time a read a Donna Jay book I wanna jump in a plane to New Zealand.

What was the book about?
When Simone can’t keep her eyes off the temp office cleaner, Nadia, she is knocked off-kilter. Her ice queen persona isn’t working against the advances of the beautiful Nadia. So when Nadia doesn’t return to work and Simone can’t get her mind off her she goes in search. What she finds is far from her expectations…

Featured Tropes: BDSM, Boss- Employee, NZ Setting, F-F

Book Strengths:
This book is a great read, and once again Donna Jay cultivates chemistry beyond the BDSM relationships her characters have. Many times in erotica romances with BDSM, it becomes the main focus, and this book is far from that. Both Nadia and Simone’s love story is front and centre, and the BDSM elements are just that elements that build on a beautiful chemistry.

Also, I adored the beginning and the epilogue the most. Both were my favourite parts of the whole book, and I reread both sections straight away once I had finished.

Book Weaknesses:
I felt the pace lagged a little after the explosive beginning, but it was only for a short time before it took off again and was great.

Character Chemistry:
Wowser! Simone and Nadia had chemistry seeping from the page, especially in the more intimate scenes. In fact, once or twice, I may have looked for a fan to cool myself from the hotness. On top of that, the out of the bedroom scenes were still lovely and built on a more profound connection, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Heat Rating: 4

Wrap up:
Highly recommend curling up with this book and a nice glass of New Zealand Sav Blanc, both are equally as yummy.

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars