Wild Bells by Elna Holst

Wild Bells is the least Christmas-y Christmas novella I’ve read this year.

What was the book about?
Mia, a twenty-seven-year-old lawyer-to-be, calls herself “the Dykemaker”, as in no straight woman can resist her. Except for Linda Ling. If you thought this was going to be a toaster oven romance, think again. Because it’s not Linda Mia ends up falling for, it’s her twin sister Sandra. While “Linda is all that, Sandra is… something” (I’m more or less quoting Mia here).

Sandra is everything Mia thought she didn’t want. She’s not gorgeous, she’s in a wheelchair, she wants to date Mia. Mia doesn’t do dates. Yet, in an ironic twist of her usual modus operandi, Mia finds herself unable to resist Sandra.

Featured Tropes: 
Christmas novella, disabled character

Book Strengths:
What I liked the most about this story is the tone it’s told in. It’s almost tongue-in-cheek, but still with an unexpected, almost reluctant romantic undertone. Watching Mia acting totally out of character, trying to fight her attraction to Sandra was a lot of fun. Mia is not exactly an ice queen but she’s aloof and self-sufficient, until she melts.

Book Weaknesses:
I know novellas are supposed to be short, but a few more pages would have been welcome. As it is, the reader can see Mia falling (that part is believable) but not how, not why. 

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Mia and Sandra is not immediately obvious yet it’s believable. It sneaks up on Mia, and on the reader by extension. 

Heat Rating: 3

Wrap up:
While I really enjoyed this story, it left me wanting more.

Star Rating: 3.5

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