Tapping Into Love by Monica McCallan

An enemy to lovers trope that you will fall in love with!

What was the book about?
Lucy never expected a Westmoore to have the audacity to walk into her Inn and request a room. But it happened, and she showed Sierra Westmoore the door. The fact Sierra walked into the inn in the first place was a shock, but it turns out Sierra is back for her father’s funeral and plans to help her brother mend ties with the community that her father all but obliterated. 

But when sparks fly (and not only in an angry way) Lucy has to wonder, is she holding on to a grudge that should have died with Sierra’s father? 

Featured Tropes 
Enemies to loves, Small town and Femme-Femme

Book Strengths:
I adore this storyline and it was the perfect book to kick off my vacation. Actually, I think you should definitely grab a copy for your suitcase the next time you travel. 

It’s been done before but I’m currently at a loss to think of a time where the enemies to lover’s trope has been done this well. The author was able to have me glued to the page from the very beginning. The very first scene created such beautiful tension you could cut it with a knife.

The pace of the story is controlled really well and at no point was I wishing to jump to the next section or character. Both Sierra and Lucy had my attention in every reaction they had with each other and/or the other characters. To put it plainly, it was such a fun read. 

Sierra was my favourite character in the beginning hands down. She was so genuine and lovely; I couldn’t understand why Lucy couldn’t just get on board with her awesomeness. Lucy on the other hand intrigued me. She’s so sweet and lovely until she’s in the presence of Sierra or her family, then she’s snarky and rude. It seems so unlike her true personality but as her character develops and we begin to understand her more, she really does shine and by the end I was quite taken with her. I would even say more so than Sierra. 

Book Weaknesses:
My only negative about the book is the fact there isn’t an epilogue. I just need that extra bit of happy ever after for Lucy and Sierra. 

Oh, the chemistry for these two is there from the first chapter. Sparks fly throughout this book but it’s the sexual tension that is there just simmering below the surface, until BOOM! They combust by falling into bed and let me tell you, the chemistry just ramps up from that moment. Holy hotness batman! 

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Wrap up
An awesome book that will sweep you up into all the love and drama… It truly is great! 

Star Rating:  4.5 Stars

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