Christmas Lights by Amelia Andrews

Absolutely Brilliant! 

What was the book about?:
Millie gets more than she bargained for from her new hometown when dealing with the local councillor, Kay. She is a bit of an activist and fighting for the cause of making sure the town gets a Christmas tree when funding it cut, creates instant animosity between Millie and Kay. But it isn’t as simple as Millie thinks, and soon finds out, and when she does can she convince a town community who are raging into helping her pull off the ultimate Christmas miracle, and uncover the truth! 

Featured Tropes: Age Gap, Holiday/Festive Romance 

Book Strengths:How amazing was this story? Millie and Kay’s story was one of the cutest angsty festive stories I think I have ever read and it was absolutely fantastic. It was so hard to put this book down because the warm, wonderful, fuzzy sensation I felt whilst reading it just gave me a positive buzz and made me hopeful.  A bit of drama, rivalry, misunderstanding, attraction, and angst built a wonderful conflicting romance that had me all emotional. I adored the plot and the way the story unfolded with surprises and most importantly its moral of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ and ‘things aren’t always as they seem’. A true festive spirit shines from this wonderful story. 

Character Chemistry:
The tension! Oh my god! Millie was quite the determined little activist, but her heart was so big, and she was generous, kind, and understanding. You could just feel all her passion, positivity, and energy buzzing off the page. With Kay, you sympathised and had to discover, like Millie, that rumours are exactly that and once you know the truth you have to make your own mind up. I loved Kay though, she had so much at stake and the contemplation and hesitance because of the age gap between her and Millie made her so human I could totally relate. Kay was a strong, determined woman, and together with Millie they balanced each other out well. An aspiration would be to be a mix of these two personalities because they really had it all! And that attraction to one another, was something else!!! 

Heat Rating: 5 Flames 

Wrap up:
A lovely festive story that I definitely recommend! Perfect to warm your heart, and make you fall in love with Millie and Kay! 

Star Rating: 5 Stars 

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