Keep Holly Close by A.E. Radley

Yay! More Victoria & Holly!

What was the book about?
Holly and Victoria are back. Still madly in love, but life isn’t all sunshine and roses when a mysterious email is sent to Holly intent on driving a wedge between them. And that’s only the beginning of the crazy that descends on these two lovely ladies. But love will conquer all… right?

Featured Tropes: 
Ice Queen, Age-Gap, Crime, Boss-Ex Employee, Mystery, Crime

Book Strengths:
It was great to go back into the world of the Remember Me series. The first book in the series, Bring Holly Home is one of my favourite A.E. Radley books. I love Holly and Victoria; they tick all the boxes for me when it comes to my favourite tropes. Plus, Victoria’s kids are adorable, especially little Alexia. She melts my heart. 

The book is told from both Victoria and Holly’s POV but honestly, my favourite moments are when we are in Victoria’s head. I think it’s clear from my reviews that I love Ice Queens, but my favourite part of Ice Queens is the thaw. And when Victoria is thinking about Holly, talking about Holly or looking Holly she is a different woman altogether. Victoria loves Holly that much and it’s so evident in her every interaction with Holly. 

What I really love about this book was that A.E. Radley threw in a mystery/crime trope twist which sent both characters on the case of the mysterious offender. She did the mystery trope in the first book in a smaller way and it was based more solidly around Holly’s amnesia but Keep Holly Close is a proper mystery of epic portions. I was loving the thrill of the chase.

Book weaknesses:
I wish there had been more times where Victoria and Holly got page time together. 

Character Chemistry:
It’s like a major tease because these characters have so much sexual chemistry that when A.E. Radley fades to black I’m all hyped up. Is it weird that I kind of love that? Because I really do. 

Heat Rating:
2 Flames

Wrap up: 
I was so excited the sequel to Bring Holly Home was finally here. Bring on more in this fantastic series because I don’t think I am quite ready to say goodbye to Holly and Victoria just yet. 

Star Rating:
4.5 stars 

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