Sum of the Whole by Brenda Murphy

This book is so deviously sexy.

What was the book about?
When Jaya visits a pleasure house called Rowan house in Skye, she doesn’t expect to meet her soul mate. Sarah is one of the submissive’s in Rowan house that Jaya chose to be her companion for the duration. The more time they spend together the more their feelings become involved in their sexual pleasure. But in one miscommunication everything changes and Jaya leaves Rowan house thinking she will never see Sarah again. 

Fast forward to six years later and they run into one another again. Their sexual and emotional attraction is still powerful, but Sarah isn’t sure she can trust Jaya and Jaya wants a second chance to prove her wrong…

Featured Tropes
BDSM, Rich-Poor, Escort
Book Strengths:
This was a fun book to read. The story is told in the third person and wholly from Jaya’s POV and I loved being in her head. The pace was perfect when I originally read the synopsis I wondered if as the original meeting was years before the second one if there would be a drag in between but we jump right into six years later when Jaya and Sarah meet again.

Jaya was something else. She owns the room when she’s in a BDSM scene and embodies the mistress she wants to play. But out of the scene she is sweet, caring and attentive which put me in a spin. Talk about the perfect woman. She has a past that she’s trying to move on from, but you can feel that she will always carry a little bit of the past life with her. 

Sarah is a submissive in the bedroom but an independent woman out of it. She is strong, brave and believes that she can take care of herself. Sarah was definitely my favourite character in the book. I loved the way that even though Jaya owned the room when they were in a BDSM scene, she owned the room the rest of the time. I think the best word to describe her would be, fierce.

Book weaknesses:
I would have enjoyed Sarah’s POV too because she intrigued me so much and also, I would have loved an epilogue to get a future glimpse of Sarah and Jaya. 

Character Chemistry:
These two had chemistry in and out of the bedroom. The first few weeks at Rowan house were fantastic and sexy as hell. I was reading this on the way to work and could feel all eyes on me when Jaya and Sarah have the final sex scene before Jaya, she leaves Rowan House. It was a great scene.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up
Such an awesome book one that I know will definitely be on my reread list for a long time. I can’t wait to start the next book in the series.

Star Rating:

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