Greengage Shelf by Emma Sterner-Radley

This was the best thing since Greengage Jam! 

What was the book about?
So Kit’s still adjusting to living life in Greengage but she’s back in detective librarian mode to help solve the mystery of Alice Caine’s missing book! Of course this isn’t the only mystery on the vivacious island of Greengage and it isn’t the only worry for our lovely Kit. Relationship worries with the lovely Laura also have Kit on her toes. 

Featured Tropes
Comedy Romance, Small Town

Book Strengths
I was already in love with the quirky island of Greengage, and Kit Sorel, after reading the first book in this series, but now after book two, I know I love it so much more! Kit is amazing and she makes the whole story for me, but what was even better was all the thrill of the mystery. I mean how can one tiny little English island be filled with such puzzling problems? Luckily, Kit’s a great detective, and her sleuthing creates and exciting story that had me gripped from the second we got our first tidbit of information. 

Emma has an amazing way of combining a quirky sense of humour, with idioms only such unique and memorable characters could possess. It’s also that quick wit, sarcasm, and attitude of Kit’s that just makes the story so loveable, she is sceptic, yet filled with positivity and a can do attitude that really cheers you up as a reader and has you laughing at her mutterings, thoughts, and straight to the point nature. 

It’s also the silliness and quirky items and ideas that crop up in the storyline, whether they be part of the main plot or sub-plots, they just make the story such fun; and a total joy to read. 

Book weaknesses
As if there would be anything about this book I didn’t like, totally impossible. Loved every second and dying for more from Greengage now!!!

Character Chemistry
Kit and Laura have such a great relationship. They fit together like puzzle pieces, complement each other perfectly, and are both unique in their own way. The love I see between them is well balanced between romance, and banter, even if Laura doesn’t always get when Kit is joking around, but that is what makes them so endearing. In fact they very much remind me of a two people I very much admire (I think you know who I mean!), and I love them for it!  

Couldn’t put this down, once I started I needed to get to the bottom of this mystery – come on, I mean Kit needed my help, how could I refuse. When you get a book like this you really never want it to end, and I mean this was totally amazing! Can’t wait for more stories from the island of Greengage! 

Star Rating

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