Heartstop by Radclyffe

Strong women, hot sex and a good solid story

What was the book about?
Dr Olivia Price, assistant chief medical examiner isn’t at all happy when she has to interview Dr Jay Reynolds for the fellowship program. Not only does Olivia think selection process has been completed, but once she meets Jay, she concludes that she is not suited to the program. Jay Reynolds has had to change her whole life and as a means to at least staying close to what she was capable as a surgeon what would be so difficult dealing with the dead. This novel is a crossover with the Justice series, and we see Sandy, Del/Mitch, Rebecca Frye, Catherine and Sloan among others. Ali Treveau is a strong support character to Jay’s main character. The background story to the novel is drugs, murders, bombings and autopsies. From the moment Olivia and Jay meet they are on a collision and no amount of denial will help them. The way their love story is woven around the bleak backdrop of violence and death gives hope and not to mention fun sexy times.

Featured Tropes
Action and Adventure, Romance, Second chances 

Book Strengths:
Well obviously it’s a Radclyffe novel so I knew from the beginning it would not disappoint. It’s number six in the The First Responders series but as much as you could diffently read it as a standalone I would advise reading all the others as well because they are fantastic.

The two strong lead characters bring depth to the story. Yes, it’s a romance but as I mentioned earlier it is set in a background of confronting issues. Jay’s initial “loss” of her identity as a surgeon and her ability to overcome injuries and move forward to something that is truly hers. Olivia could be classified as an Ice Queen, but her flame burns too close to the surface to completely qualify.  

Radclyffe’s ability to describe the medical environment always leaves me in awe. Yes, sometimes it’s very detailed but you come away understanding it and at times learning from it, which for me is really cool.

Book Weaknesses:
I feel an epilogue would have rounded up the story better.

Character Chemistry:
Even though Jay and Olivia’s relationship starts badly however once the fire
Heat Rating:

“Besides, I could tell from our first meeting you weren’t a vegetarian.”

“Why is that?”

“You burn too hot.”

Wrap up:

This book does not disappoint on any level. Jay’s vulnerability, Olivia’s defences and the chaos and intrigue makes for an entertaining and fulfilling read. There is a danger simmering under the story and the crossover with the Justice Series characters take it to another level.

Star Rating: 4.5

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