Beyond The Checkpoint by Addison M Conley

An emotional and heartfelt journey

What was the book about?:
Ali works as a civilian for an agency and finds herself on a mission with Lynn Stewart and Officer in the armed forces. Their perceptions and careers are very different, and discreetly their friendship turns to something a little more intimate. The story follows the ups and downs of their relationship over a number of years showing the true conflicts of interest and difficulties of the strict regimental rules of the armed forces, and the complications that come with love, same sex relationships, heartache, and everything that surrounds the experience during and after being in war torn countries, and serving for your own.

Featured Tropes
Second Chance Romance, 

Book Strengths
I was impressed by the way this story covered a long period of time but kept the reader intrigued with each passing of time. It was very developmental and gave good insight into the disastrous state of countries following and during wars. I adored how it really gave detail, was well researched and you could really learn something moral and heartfelt, whilst reading about how it affected the characters’ lives and everything that happened to them during and after too. It had a nice balance of adventure to romance, adding relief to the more intense action parts by having lovely romantic moments, but as a romance it wasn’t without its drama. It was very much a second chance romance in that the time span it covered and the on off relationship status Ali and Lynn had during that time. There was something about the story that gave it that depth, almost memoir in its feel but still heightened with twists and turns, and a great plot to create a great story. 

Book weaknesses
There was a bit of military jargon thrown in, which at times took a moment to process and understand but the author did a great job of giving the reader all the information they needed to know what was going on in those more detailed scenes. 

Character Chemistry
Ali and Lynn had a great relationship, even when it was on and off because it made them very realistic. No one’s relationship is perfect, bumps along the way are inevitable, as are misunderstandings and personal circumstances that add complications. Of course the military lifestyle is never easy, the things you see and experience will definitely affect your relationships and this is what Addison M Conley got so right in this story. That conflict caused by the events of war whilst on tour, and traumatic past events is what made their story so real. 

Heat Rating
4 Flames 

I really enjoyed this story and would recommend to anyone who likes a realistic and relatable story. 

Star Rating
5 Stars 

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