The Heat of Summer by Melissa Tereze

Love can’t be denied

What was the book about?
Summer, a freelance photographer, has come to Spain to take stock of her life over the last year and chooses to stay at Tias which was beloved by her grandparents who brought her up. Jade is her best friend who is a party animal and gets frustrated because Summer isn’t and wants to spend her time watching a woman from a far. Prue the woman that Summer is so engaged in watching is the owner of Tias. Once Jade heads back to the UK the story kicks off. Prue and Summer are drawn to one another and their relationship has many hurdles and misunderstandings to get through. Their age difference creates conflict with Summer’s friends and acquaintances, but it doesn’t between themselves. Prue is a dominant woman and is not used to things not going her way and Summer gives her a chance at love which she has missed for 10 years. 

Featured Tropes:
Age gap, romance

Book Strengths:
I was hooked from the first couple of paragraphs of this novel. This takes people watching to another level. I loved how Prue over-compensated at trying to be smooth and how Summer was slightly off kilter at times in the beginning. There is depth to these characters, and I loved their insecurities. That said, there is nothing, absolutely nothing insecure about the sex scenes. HOT!

Character Chemistry:
The tension between Prue and Summer is humming. From the moment they see each other from a distance, they have a strong connection, and are constantly being drawn together. It is wonderful to see it all play out.

Heat Rating

Wrap up:
I found myself thoroughly invested in Prue and Summer’s journey. A pretty hot journey at that! I was willing Prue to completely win Summer over even after some false starts. 

Star Rating:

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