Spellbound by Jackie D & Jean Copeland

Two love stories for the price of one!

This book follows the lives of two women from very different times. Sarah, a resident of Salem in late 1600’s, is caught up in the witch trials. While in jail for her supposed witchcraft she meets an old friend, Ayotunde. When they perform a spell, Sarah is thrown into modern day where she meets her great-niece, Hazel. 

Hazel is a book store owner in Salem. When out of nowhere her great-aunt appears, she is thrust into an adventure she wasn’t expecting which leaves her not only confused about her lineage but also about her future. When Raven, a Shadowhunter appears to take the Sarah and Hazel to meet Morgan Le Fea, the all-powerful white witch, they are stunned to realise their history and power. 

Featured Tropes:
Paranormal, Magic, Double Love story, Friends to Loves, Time-hopping.

Books Strengths:
This is a phenomenal read. I already had high expectations, but they were well and truly blown out of the water. I think what really stood out for me above all, was that the timeline is so beautifully interwoven between pagan times and present-day. Jean Copeland and Jackie D manage to keep Sarah’s dialect true to her time. It made the story feel more authentic.

From my understanding Jean Copeland wrote the sections with Sarah and Ayotunde. Firstly, what a phenomenal job she did of keeping the history in this book correct but also using factual elements to make the story even better (if that is possible). 

I loved reading the parts of Sarah and her forbidden love story. To be a in love with another woman was not even an option and she handles her sexual awakening beautifully. In fact, there is a love scene (notice I don’t say sex scene) that is written so beautifully that I almost cried reading it. The idea of making love with a woman you never thought you could have, must have been almost destroying but it showed the strength and courage of these women to just get on with life. 

Raven and Hazel’s love story had my heart going the whole time. They also have a forbidden love that you are praying for a HEA from the moment they meet. I had a major crush on our courageous and valiant, Shadowhunter by the end. She was someone you really want on your side if a demon knocked on your door from another realm. Swoon!

And don’t get me started on Morgan Le Fea… by the end I wasn’t sure who I had a crush on more, her or Raven. Morgan Le Fea brought a whole other dark element to the good side. She was fierce, unapologetic, brave but aloof and honestly it made her seem sexy as hell. I’d really love more from her.

The epilogue was phenomenal and honestly, I needed that little glimpse because it just tied everything in a nice bow and gave me all the feels.

I also loved the Weekly Wine Down mention as Jackie D and Jean Copeland are two of the legendary hosts on the podcast! 

Hazel feels a sudden attraction to Raven when they first meet, and you feel the chemistry every time they get page time, it’s almost palpable. When they do finally hit the sheets it’s a very sexy scene that left this reader a little hot under the collar.

Well, Jean Copeland finally wrote a sex scene and WELL DONE MS. COPELAND. It was beautifully written, and the scene was probably more intimate and focused on connection than I was expecting but honestly, for Sarah it couldn’t have been written any other way!  You’ll just need to read the book to discover who Sarah falls into bed with. You’ll know pretty early in the book but it’s worth the non-spoiler. 

Heat Rating:
3.5 Stars

Wrap up:
This book is fast-paced and a true romantic thriller that deals with the love, feminism, the patriarchy and the wrong doings of the past. I really don’t think Spellbound can end here because it’s the perfect opening to so much more from Sarah, Hazel, Raven and especially Morgan! The world needs more Morgan… 

Phenomenal start to 2020. 

Star Rating:
5 stars.

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