Ice Cream Wars by A.E. Radley and Emma Sterner-Radley

What was the book about?
Juliana Martin-Sinclair has worked hard to get her Gelato business where she wants it to be. She is meticulous, methodical and very particular about her ways. Suddenly, right outside her Gelato Parlour there’s a spot that is filled by an ice cream trike whose owner is a vivacious strawberry blond young woman. Cherry Hawkins has dreamt for a while now to make her love for ice cream a successful business. After so much rewarding hard work she has enough money for her ice cream trike and the permit to work in a very favourable spot in the affluent market town of Wilmsford. What will happen when these two very different ice cream aficionados collide?

Featured Tropes:
Romance, opposites attract, enemies to lovers, age gap 

Book Strengths: 
I got to start with this, since the title is ice cream wars. There really should be a taste of the ice creams, after the thorough descriptions I end up craving them. I can say this book is sweet in more than just one way. It’s a short, well written, humorous, light-hearted romance. Juliana the ice queen or should we say the gelato queen in this case, at the beginning is a bit mean with the always optimistic Cherry due a misunderstanding, which is the point of the “war” between them. It is fascinating and enjoyable to see how they resolve the issue. Thinking about opposites attract and enemies to lovers, this is the book that outlines that completely. Made me laugh with their shenanigans and I’m sure I would have had the same reaction Juliana had towards Harry Cherry’s pink truck, but was a lot of fun to read and the description made to a perfect visual.

Book weaknesses:
I believe a couple more chapters or at least an epilogue was needed to enjoy more their new found relationship. The ending is rather sudden. Other than that, it is a very enjoyable, entertaining read.

Character Chemistry:
I like the fact that we get both POVs, turning more interesting to know their thoughts and feelings, as well as their motives and the fascinating fun perspective to each other. We can watch the growing interest and the subsequent sexual tension derived from the attraction. The dialogues are quirky, witty, sweet and fun. Cherry is instantly likable, her bright, cheerful personality the one to blame. Juliana warms up to you once you get to know her and where she comes from. It is very funny to see an actual ice queen thawing by a bubbly young woman and a lot of yummy ice cream.

Heat Rating

Wrap up:  
This is a light-hearted, entertaining and amusing read. It will make you forget about the world for a bit with a positive look of how to make things good from the bad. It is worth the read.

Star Rating:

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