Blueprint for Romance by Shannon M. Harris

This sequel is a blissful, beautiful romance 

What was the book about?

We´re Back to Garriety, this second book in the series let us meet new lovely characters and to see old beloved ones from the previous book Add Romance and Mix.

This time the story is about Kat, Briley’s sister who we met in Add Romance and Mix. Kat is starting and building her own business, is going well but needs all her attention to take off completely. While she enjoys spending time with her sister and family, as well as she loves being the cool aunt for her niece and nephew. She doesn’t have time for love but aches deep inside for what her sister has. On a fate visit, she met Dylan, a woman whose life has been tilted on its axis for the worst. They click but Dylan isn’t in a rush to pursue that chemistry for a stranger. But life has other ideas for them and keep throwing them together. Dylan is wary and insecure, every time someone is interested in her and discover she is the mother of a disabled daughter, they run to the hills. Both have trust issues, still, Kat doesn’t run, will Dylan trust Kat enough to let herself and her daughter Emma be part of Kat’s life?

Featured Tropes
Friends to Lovers, Slow-paced romance, lesbian/bisexual lead characters

Book Strengths
I’m glad we’re back to Garriety, this time we meet new characters as well as to see a glimpse of those old beloved ones. I liked kat from the beginning in book one and I’m delighted we got to see her story. Is good to see how Shannon merged their stories. I enjoyed very much the funny banter between siblings, all the family love and the development of Kat and Dylan’s relationship. It’s slow-paced, but it couldn’t be any other way, fits the story perfectly.

This is a beautiful romance, the development is well written in a completely feel-good story. Even when it is angst-free, we can connect with real characters that aren’t perfect, they know mistakes are part of life and just like every one of us aren’t looking to make them, knowing that eventually will happen. But they are conscious and ready to deal with them when they come and move along. They are simply the perfect couple, they complement each other well.

Book Weaknesses
For some readers, the lack of conflict or that is a slow romance could be a con.  

Character Chemistry
The chemistry between Kat and Dylan is palpable from the beginning. I liked the development of their friendship and ultimately the romance. Emma is a sweet kid and it’s good to see that after she had such a hard beginning in life, she’s happy and builds a friendship with Kat. They make a beautiful family. 

Heat Rating

Wrap up
This is the second book on the Garriety series but can be read as a stand-alone. Although, I recommend to read both books. It’s a good story with lovable relatable characters. Undoubtedly an enjoyable slow-paced growing romance.

Star Rating
4 stars  

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