Love at First Write by Jae

Four sweet, romantic short stories about writers. 

What was the book about?
Love at First Write is a collection of 4 short stories by Jae, each featuring a character who is a writer. 

The Romance Bet
Abby James is a reporter who is writing a story about the romance industry, and in doing so interviews romance author Tamara Brennan over the phone. She gets herself into a pickle suggesting that writing romance is easy/anyone can do it … and is promptly challenged to do just that. Lucky for Abby, Tamara is happy to share her wisdom.

Sex Sells
Mara McKinney is an author of lesbian mysteries who has a crush on her editor, Hayley. This story is a phone conversation between the two when Hayley calls to encourage Mara to try out the romance genre. 

The Snow Liger
A follow up on Griffin and Jorie from Natural Family Disasters – Griffin is a liger shifter lamenting winter in Michigan while Jorie (her human “mate”) is writing. Things get more interesting, and a lot colder, when Jorie asks for help with her research.

Blind Date at the Booklover’s Lair
Tricia is a lesbian romance author who is not so lucky in love herself. Her best friend sets her up on a blind date and she reluctantly heads to the bookstore’s LGBT section to meet her date. She finds her and has a surprisingly good time, only realizing that her date wasn’t who she thought she was after they had parted ways … 

Featured Tropes
 Writers, Bet, Paranormal/shifter, Blind Date

Book Strengths
Jae is an excellent author, and her short stories are no exception. Each of the stories featured in Love at First Write is well paced, the characters are well developed for such short stories, and the meet cutes are … well, cute. I love Jae’s writing and these stories were no exception. With the exception of The Snow Liger, each of the stories had me wishing for more about the characters! This was exactly what I was hoping it would be when I picked it up – light, sweet, well-written, and enjoyable from beginning to end. 

Book Weaknesses
These are short stories, but I wish that at least the first and last ones were longer! I got a little sad realizing I wouldn’t get to read more about Abby and Tamara or Tricia and Jen. And though I didn’t pick this up looking for erotica, I did find all 4 of the stories to be rather tamer than anticipated in the heat department. 

Character Chemistry
Jae is excellent at character development and it shows in each and every story in this collection. I felt the chemistry of all 4 pairings, even without any true love scenes at all. 

Heat Rating
1 flame (sorry folks, no sex in this one) 

Wrap up
Love at First Write is a very enjoyable collection of short stories about storytellers. Jae delivers in the way she always does – likeable characters with good chemistry and excellent writing. 

Star Rating

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