The Call by Melissa Tereze

Am I ever going to get enough of Sam and Luciana? Me thinks not!

What is the book about?
Sam and Luciana are back, and the drama is not entirely behind them yet. When family drama and previous hurts collide, things may never be the same again… 

Can Luciana and Sam conquer more commotion to their relationship? Will it just make them stronger?

Featured Tropes
Age Gap, Conflict, Escort, Family drama, Sequel

Books Strengths
I really enjoyed the first book in this series called ‘The Arrangement’ but I wasn’t quite finished with the main characters so when I heard there was more to come, I got really excited, and Melissa Tereze did not disappoint. 

Sam and Luciana’s connection is what drives this story. Even when things are tough, and at points downright dark, they find a way back to each other and what’s important to them. They are the definition of soulmates and honestly are genuinely meant to be together. I even get the feeling that Sam is more in love with Luciana than she has been with anyone else, and that’s a tough act because her first wife was supposedly the love of her life. They are just beautiful together. 

The epilogue was fantastic and just brought everything back to the forefront, which is love. It had me all teary-eyed. 

The secondary characters are really as great as they were in the first book, especially Sam’s sister, Lindsay, her assistant, Cheryl and her cousin, Ryann. I’d love more from them all actually… Maybe Melissa can find a way to do just that!

And don’t get me started on the cover… *picks up jaw from the ground*. Wow!

If you read ‘The Arrangement’, you know Sam and Luciana have bags of chemistry and a solid intimate connection. It’s heightened in this book because they endure more issues, that if anything makes their bond stronger, ergo their sex life sexier and more intimate. It was all scorching!

Heat Rating
4 Flames

Wrap up
Fantastic book. I am really hoping Melissa Tereze doesn’t stop here with Sam and Luciana… We need more! 

Star Rating
5 Stars

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