Providence by Leigh Hays

Are we sure this is a debut book? It’s Fantastic!

What is the book about?
Rebekiah is a photographer whose work consists of erotic and provocative images of women in the throes of passion. She has received a large inheritance from her best friend and has no idea what she should do with it, but she knows she doesn’t want it. That’s how she meets Lindsay, a wealth management consultant who is exceptional at her job. Both women are left intrigued by one another after their first meeting. When Lindsay meets Rebekiah at her home to discuss her financial portfolio and agrees to be a model for her, Rebekiah is left feeling more inspired than she has since her best friend’s death.
The attraction between Lindsay and Rebekiah is intense, but they shouldn’t cross the consultant/client line, should they? Or is this level of sexual chemistry worth the risk?

Featured Tropes
Forbidden romance, Erotica, light BDSM

Books Strengths
I thoroughly enjoyed Providence. It was an edgy storyline with a fresh take on romance. When you start this book, you think it’s going to be a romance; then you realize it’s erotica with some light BDSM and then you’re back to love but not before the author throws in a little drama. I was in a lesfic tailspin by the end… and completely loving it!

Honestly, you will not get bored reading this book because every time you get comfortable and settle in, the author pulls a segway and you are glued to the page once again.

Secondary character, Elena left me feeling intrigued in more than one scene. I’d love to see a book with her at the forefront.

Books Weaknesses:
I think the author missed an opportunity for a great Epilogue. It would have been really awesome to finish the book a few years later.

Chemistry in this book is undeniable, and honestly, their sexual connection is almost a sub-story in itself. The eroticism and power dynamics are very well written and bring sexy moments to a whole new level.

Heat Rating
5 flames

Wrap up
A fantastic first novel. I’ll be watching out for what comes next from Leigh Hays…

Star Rating
4.5 Stars

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