Chasing Stars by Alex K. Thorne

Aliens with superpowers living on earth as superheroes and romance, what’s not to like?

What was the book about?
For 27-year-old super heroine Swiftwing life is never boring. She has a full-time job as the personal assistant of Hollywood superstar and diva Gwen Knight for whom she has a crush on, she also fights crime in between, and if that wasn’t enough, she’s looking for a giant alien bug that is causing havoc around. When a full custody demand of her son Luke lands on Gwen from her ex-husband, she needs desperately a formal partner to win; Ava is willing to play Gwen’s fake loving partner to help her. Because that is what superheroes do, help people not because she has a huge crush on her 44-year-old boss and she will do anything for her. What will happen when miscommunication, feelings and hero duties get in the mix? Will they win at the end and survive without a scratch?  

Featured Tropes
Age-gap/fantasy/opposites-attract/fake-relationship/ice queen/ boss-employee/ aliens / Hollywood diva / queer superhero 

Book Strengths:
This is a very well written, light and fun book to read. It is also well paced and flows effortlessly, a page-turning kind of book. The dialogues are very good, witty and smart. The plot and the characters are developed soundly. Although the romance holds a bigger part of the story, there is a very good balance between action and romance. It has enthralling, likable and enticing, relatable characters (love is universal after all). I loved the book completely. It is written in Ava’s POV. Another thing I found very interesting and enjoyable is the progress of the romance and the growth of both characters and the story in general works to perfection. Definitely not a traditional romance, it is original and fresh. One of the fundamental points of the book beside the romance is the masks we wear; regarding this, is very interesting to observe the change mostly in Ava. While she wears the mask, she is this confident, in control, strong and powerful being; but when the mask goes off, does the confidence as well. In Gwen the mask isn’t tangible as Ava’s is, but is there in the makeup and the attitude she hides behind. This development of growing confidence is a very beautiful thing to witness for both characters.

Book Weaknesses:
Not necessarily a weakness but at the beginning the character of Gwen is complicated and comes across as rude and mean. Although it’s easy to understand where she comes from and it’s good to see her growth. And wouldn’t be a true ice queen, right?

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Ava and Gwen is there, very palpable even when Gwen was being a mean ice queen at the beginning. The author did a great job the way is written, you can feel like they belong to each other and you end up rooting for them. Although you want to slap Gwen at times for the way she treated Ava. It’s funny because it is a bit like when kids like a girl and they are mean to her to draw her attention. It is clear she does care for Ava. I can’t deny though gets more interesting to watch their growth as a couple after this rocky beginning. Their chemistry goes off the charts, they work so well together and I love how all the superhero stuff fits with their life. At the end Gwen is so likable and good for Ava. They’re so good for each other period. 

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
This is the third book in The Superheroine Collection Series (written by different authors). All the books can be read as a standalone. This is an amazing debut novel with very interesting characters, smart dialogues, a sweet romance, a lot of fun and hero action. Undoubtedly a very enjoyable read and is one I’d gladly like to recommend.

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