Freeing Her (Irresistibly Bound Book 4) by Anna Stone

Love conquers all! Even misogynistic ex-husbands.

What was the book about?
This is the fourth book in the series. You don’t need to read the other books, but you should. Really! Faith is a nanny. She is looking for a new position when she scores an interview with Eve. She gets the job and begins taking care of Eve’s twins. While out (reluctantly) with her friend Lindsay at the BDSM club, she sees Eve, who she is already attracted to. Once Faith discovers that Eve is into BDSM, she becomes intrigued with the idea of being a submissive. This is difficult for Faith to reconcile because of her past. They must navigate this new facet to their relationship, all while Eve struggles to maintain custody of her children.

Featured Tropes:
BDSM; Age-gap (I would add a potential trigger warning for those who are sensitive about religious fundamentalism).

Book Strengths:
So, this is my least favorite Anna Stone book, but that is because it is triggering for me, personally. It is well written, like all her books. It deals with the subject matter in very respectful ways. I really appreciate the care that is taken with the relationship between Faith and Eve. And even though it’s my least favorite, it’s still fantastic. 

Character Chemistry:
I love the attraction between these women. I also really appreciate how open Eve really is about her feelings. Even when it might not seem that way. These women truly belong together, and this is clear very early on. They really can’t fight it, which is what love is all about.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
I am really sad this is the last book in this series, and I can’t wait for future offerings from this amazing and talented author.

Star Rating:

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