Soul Burn by Brenda Murphy and Megan Hart

Two sexy shifter stories in one, both deep and a great treat

What was the book about?
Soul Burn is like the perfect deal. We got two different novellas written by two very talented writers in one book. 

Shifting Flames written by Brenda Murphy. 
Eve Perez a known screenwriter is struggling with the fallout of losing her credibility and reputation after being played by her ex. Now to reclaim her good name, she takes a job with a renowned author who isn’t known to be easy to work with. Celeste Quon is remarkable and a very successful writer but also a reclusive, who also is well known for being difficult. When they met both feel the strong connection. The need to explore that instant chemistry and the pull they feel toward each other can’t be denied. But what happens when Eve founds that there is something more to Celeste, a secret that could be the end of their working arrangement? Will they let fear to tear them apart or will they succumb to the fire of their desire?

The Fire Inside written by Megan Hart.
Clara is the best dome there is when it comes to hard play and pain, not many subs are up to the game. When her client Selena who is seeking extreme pain hires her, she knows she has found the perfect business agreement; but what happens when there is more than pain to give? She is scared but also very intrigued to find out more about Selene. What happens when Clara wants to discover no matter the consequences, the reason for the extreme pain Selena thrives? Selene on the other hand, can’t let Clara find her secret and ultimately the reason why she seeks that extreme pain. Can true love break into the darkness and fears? 

Featured Tropes
bdsm / erotica / shapeshifters / romance/ self-acceptance

Book Strengths:
This book is perfect in many ways; we got two very different stories by two very talented authors. What is fascinating about this book is that even when both have similar elements, the result is completely different for each one. Both have a combination of shifters, BDSM, D/s dynamic, romance, and a very intriguing fact is that the shifters are the submissive ones. Another riveting thing is one of the shifters welcomes her nature and embraces it, the other fights it. For me, this is the poignant piece that separates each story and what opens the door to develop their own magic. Both authors made an excellent job with development and character growth. Also, another key point beyond the sexy set is both stories highlight the self-love and understanding; as well as the importance to embrace who we really are deep inside and conquer our fears, which in the end will lead to true happiness.

Book Weaknesses:
Since these are novellas the ending can feel a bit rushed, mostly in the first story but compensates with the magnificent plot, the deepness and development of the characters.

Character Chemistry:
The moment Eve and Celeste meet sparks fly, they have undeniable sizzling chemistry and only grows as the story progresses. I believe is important to highlight that the deepness of their chemistry goes beyond the physical plane, even when this one goes off the charts. The love, empathy and perception of each other are what build their story better and stronger. And of course, adding the intense physical attraction only leads to a magnificent story with two marvellous characters.

For Clara and Selena is clear from the beginning there is a lot more going on than just the business relationship. The way they attract each other as magnets is intense, to say the least. Both are complex characters, and both achieve to dig deep and conquer fears.

Heat Rating

Wrap up:
Shifters and erotica together, that is what I call a perfect and original combination. Now add the mastery of Brenda Murphy and Megan Hart into the mix and you got an amazing book. They can undeniably deliver sexy and well-written erotica in an urban fantasy setting.  I gladly recommend this book.

Star Rating

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