On Second Thought by C. Spencer

Now that was a little bit different!

What is the book about?
Madisen’s marriage is over. Juggling an ex-wife, her daughter and a new family dynamic can be tricky, but Madisen is making it work. When Madisen meets Rae, the attraction is instant, and they both don’t expect to fall as quickly as they are falling.

Throw in an ex-wife with second thoughts and a girlfriend that can see the writing on the wall… Madison’s life is about to get very confusing!

Books Strengths
I liked this book a lot, but I don’t think it’s your usual Lesfic storytelling and writing style. When I first started the book, I was surprised and excited by the fast pace and the smart and sassy dialogue. It made things a little more fun.

I really enjoyed Madisen and Rae and their coupling. They were utterly smitten, and it was nice to watch them fall for each other. I actually really like Madisen’s ex-wife too and wondered if the author would consider her for her next book? I even have a great idea of who she should fall for, and I foresee trouble.

Books Weaknesses:
A blessing and a curse, the dialogue. Because it was so fast, it meant I had to be 100% engaged at all times. I couldn’t read it with any distraction because I was scared I would miss something.
I also really would have liked epilogue in this book to tie the book up at the end.

Hello, chemistry! Madisen and Rae had chemistry in spades and it radiated off the page. They also had these lovely moments of nonsexual intimacy that were fuelled with love and affection.

Heat Rating: 
3 Flames

Wrap up: 
Great story. I really hope we see more from these characters in the future. I’m looking forward to checking out whats next from C. Spencer.

Star Rating:
4 Stars

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