Girl Squad by Kim Hoover

This book reminded me of Nancy Drew books

What book is about?
Cal lives in a small town in Texas during the 1970s. Her mother goes missing. Cal and friends decide to solve the mystery on their own. 

Featured tropes
YA, Coming of age

Book strengths
Friendship and loyalty was definitely an essential part of the story. Cal, Rachel and Jane were always looking out for each other even when thing got dangerous and scary. 

I also liked seeing Cal work through all her confusing feelings about Jane and how she felt about her mother. 

Book weaknesses
The only weakness is Cal went from being worried about kissing Jane to full-on sex quickly.

Character Chemistry
Jane and Cal were cute together, especially when they first meet. It’s fun seeing them get to know each other. Cal starts to struggle with her feelings and how others will treat her but soon figures out Jane’s more important.

Heat rating
2 flames

Wrap up
Overall good book. Gave me many Nancy Drew feels. I would definitely read more about these characters.

Star rating
4 stars

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