The Inheritance by Ali Vali

This book took me on an emotional rollercoaster that, when finished, I wanted to get back onto it immediately.

What was the book about?
When Tucker Delacroix meets Willow Vernon, all bets are off. They fall into bed together and burn up the sheets, but when Willow discovers they have a mutual connection, she turns her back on Tucker.

When they are thrust back into each other’s life in a whirlwind of complications and sadness, they have to find a way to work together or lose everything! But can they find a little happiness along the way?

Featured Tropes
Family, Lesfic with Kids, fast connection, slow-burn romance, Butch-Femme

Book Strengths
So this is only the second book I’ve read by Ali Vali, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an emotional rollercoaster and one I didn’t want to get off. I laughed, cried, swooned, and felt uplifted by the end.

Tucker is the quintasessial butch woman in every sense of the word, so obviously, I fell head over heels for her. Especially when she’s vulnerable with Willow and being sweet to her nephew, Gradi. The relationship between Willow and Tucker is (without giving too much away) very complicated, but Tucker just made things easy, and she’s always so supportive of all her family’s needs. Serious Swoon material!

I always love a strong female who is fierce and knows what she wants, and Willow was just that. If there were ever someone I wanted on my side, it would be Willow because when it comes to her family, there is no one or thing more important.

The secondary characters just pulled this whole novel together. I especially enjoyed Tuckers Mum, Willows sisters, Stella and Monique. Both forces of nature who speak their minds and love without limits. Syd, Tucker’s assistant, was good fun too, and I really think there is an opportunity for Syd to have her own story. I liked her flirtatious nature but how she held others accountable. She did stir Willow up the wrong way more than once, but I really warmed to her, and she reminded me of Donna from the TV series, Suits…. And we all love Donna in our house!

Book weaknesses
I felt the blurb gave to much away and I knew a little too much going in. I would suggest just jumping right in.

Character Chemistry
The Chemistry between Willow and Tucker, was off the charts, and I thoroughly enjoyed them together. The sex scenes were steaming hot, and I think they may set the sheets on fire more than once.

Heat Rating
4 flames

Wrap up
I will now be checking the Ali Vali back catalogue furiously over the coming year. And hoping we get Syd’s story one day soon. Great novel!

Star Rating
4.5 Stars

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