Shanghaied by K’Anne Meinel

A woman ahead of her time.

What was the book about?
A Woman Down Under Prequel.

In a time when women were never allowed a mind of their own and good looks were paramount in becoming a wife, Mel (Melissa) Lawrence did not fit in. Mel’s father though, encouraged her to become her best self and joined him in his travels across the world. A tall, strong and plain woman and one able to hold her own in difficult situations finds herself shanghaied to work on board a ship bound eventually for Australia. It is while she experiences life on board the ship that you find out Mel’s full story of adventure and love. Admittedly there might be some parts of the novel which are rather raw for some but that was the age and time where this novel is set.

Featured Tropes
Historical setting, Woman dressed as Man, butch/femme

Book Strengths:
I really enjoyed reading Mel’s story. I could feel the shift of the ship, hear the creaking of the planks and almost taste the salt because the descriptions in the novel were so full. I never felt sorry for Mel in her being rejected by the “norm” of the society of the day as she was a strong character and didn’t want my pity. Mel’s relationship with Abigail is beautifully written.

Character Chemistry:
Mel and Abigail’s relationship was, out of necessity, a slow burn but it burnt brightly.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
A woman triumphant over adversity, a love story to keep her going through the worst times, there is nothing in this book that will disappoint.

Star Rating:

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