Both Ends of the Whip by Brenda Murphy

This is a wonderful erotica romance with profound and exceptional character development

What was the book about?
The story is about Octavia Vargas who left Rowan House and her Mistress to find her own path, along with her partner Bridget Murray. She needs her freedom and to explore her true nature. They start a new life in Italy in the vineyard of Vivian Abiola, a woman with her own secrets and one Octavia didn’t think she would see again. As her forgotten and not wanted past clash with her present and a threat that jeopardizes their new life surfaces. Will their love be enough to overcome the secrets, the jealousy and the threats, to achieve the happiness they all seek?

Featured Tropes
Lesbian/BDSM /arson-crime-mystery / romance-erotica / ménage

Book Strengths
This book is really remarkable and I liked it a lot more than the first one of the series. It is a very emotional one; the self-discovery path and the character development on this one are exquisite. This book also talks about fighting for what one really wants, as well as the power of decisions and taking risks that will push all boundaries. The development is absolutely thrilling, I loved how Murphy works the erotica side that logically is fully charged on explicit sex scenes, but isn’t the main topic; I appreciate greatly the balance she accomplishes between the heavy topics and the sexy bits. Their journey through the learning curve of love, trust and teamwork is brilliant. Murphy did great going through their struggles and desires. Is in the third person, from Octavia’s point of view; we also got the opportunity to have a glimpse into her thoughts, which helps to understand better the struggles that go beyond the sex between Domme and sub, as well as the power exchange.

Book weaknesses
It has a few typos and inconsistencies, but these don’t affect the importance of the book or the pace of the reading. Also, not necessarily a weakness but for me, there is a bit of a loose end with a secondary character that to be honest at the end isn’t really important; is more about curiosity than a necessity to know how his faults were taken care of.

Character Chemistry
We got flawed, real, complex and very passionate characters. Their search for a balanced dynamic that meets their deepest needs as individuals and between them in the relationship is very well-written. Murphy did a superb job with the characters. From the beginning is easy to feel the love and crackling chemistry between Octavia and Bridget, and definitely goes off the charts when Vivian is added to the equation. I can’t get tired to say how well-written is the development of their discovery journey.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
This book goes beyond the erotica side, although it is a very sexy one. The character development is definitely the thing to look forward. It is a splendid and very delightful read.

Star Rating

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