Outback Born by K’Anne Meinel

Strong women in a historical setting

What was the book about?
(A Woman Down Under #1)
Set in the early years of the white settlement of Australia, Alinta is a young indigenous woman travelling through the vast land with her father, mother and brother. The small family’s frightening encounter with white men changes Alinta’s life forever. The author does not spare the reader the horror of what people do to each other but on the other hand neither does she take away from the good. Alinta meets Mel Lawrence and things change again.

Featured Tropes:
Historical, butch/femme

Book Strengths
I truly enjoyed reading this novel. The descriptions of the country are so vivid that you can reach out and touch it and I have to say it was an emotional rollercoaster in the beginning. I wanted to dive into the pages and throttle a couple of the men in the story. You’ll know which ones I mean when you read the story. 

Character Chemistry
Mel Lawrence is at first moved by the desire to save Alinta from the hideous situation she is in. This relationship deepens and surpasses the initial lack of understanding and a mutual language. Watching their relationship develop through Alinta’s eyes is a wonderful thing.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
As I mentioned earlier, this novel is an emotional rollercoaster. You find yourself so invested in the women in this story.

Star Rating

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