Knotted Legacy by Brenda Murphy

Steamy deep story

What was the book about?
In this third instalment of the series, we find Martha McLeod top Mistress and owner of Rowan House, a very exclusive pleasure house heartbroken. After her lover leaves her because she couldn’t meet her needs; she finds herself sorrowful so she travels to Lake Como, Italy to see the only person who can help her, Madam Givernay. She is the one who can give her the comfort Martha needs, as well as she is the one who holds her secret. Her world spins out of its axis when she meets Mistress Lucia Coruso, and Madame G instructs Martha to take her to Rowan House and give ensure her a place to live. Lucia is a mystery and leaves Martha with mixed feelings and inner war. 

Then the unexpected happens, and when an extortionist ensures a threat to end Rowan House, Martha and Lucia got no other way to win but by working together. Will they be able to trust each other to work together and win?

Featured Tropes 
Lesbian/bdsm /crime-mystery-suspense/ romance-erotica / lgbt-poly

Book Strengths
What I love about Brenda Murphy stories is that they can be very sexy, and it is expected, but the core of them is deeper. We talk about connections, emotions, fears, love and every feeling that runs deep inside the characters. 

Also, I like how human and flawed her characters are. It is fascinating to watch how they’re in control and knowledgeable in one setting but doubting themselves when it comes to their emotions and their hearts. I believe that is what makes them relatable; we all have those doubts too. It is captivating to see them go through it all, how they learn to deal with the feelings, the situations, and to cope with change, as well as their growth right before our eyes. Always highlighting the importance to know, respect and accept yourself before you give yourself or your heart to others. And of course, being a Brenda Murphy book contains superb BDSM scenes.

Holds a very thrilling plot. I loved the unexpected twist. Wasn’t just an erotic romance, became a crime mystery erotic novel. What a winning combination. The core is the romance, but the touch of crime-mystery in the mix was energising. 

Book weaknesses
It has a few typos and inconsistencies but doesn’t affect the greatness of the book or the pace of the reading.

Character Chemistry
The characters are really something; all of them got something different and alluring. I loved the development of Martha, Lucia and Myfanwy; it is amazing how Murphy blended their stories, their personalities and created such a good group character growth, which is impressive. The chemistry between them is so palpable that you can basically see and feel the sparks while reading. It is marvellous how she managed to build and develop the character growth of the three women and see them work together so well. Not to mention the sizzling chemistry there is between the three of them. I got to say I love Shibari (traditional Japanese artistic rope bondage) and I am very glad we got to experience some of it in this book. Still, I also believe that was part of the key elements to strengthen the love they share for each other because it is not about the sex but the intimacy.

Heat Rating
5 flames

Wrap up
It’s a very well written book. The level of description is deep and outstanding, the way the emotions and feelings are told make you feel like being there, living their story, feeling the love. It is a book that deserves quality time to be read and enjoyed. 

Star Rating
5 Stars

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