Complex Dimensions by Brenda Murphy

This is a very delightful book about love, trust, overcome fears and leave the past behind

What was the book about?
Veronica Fletcher after being released and tired of living in her parents’ basement, she took the opportunity to take the job as a stable manager for the Rowan House, an exclusive pleasure house for women.  She plans to stay away from everyone and just attend the horses. But after meeting Millie Reid, the driver who will take her to her destination; she knows she won’t fulfil her initial plan. Both women have had difficult pasts and trust isn’t a given. Will they be able to overcome their fears and leave the past behind to achieve a future together?  

Featured Tropes
BDSM, butch/butch, contemporary, D/s, ex-convict, interracial, lesbian, sex toys, erotica, romance

Book Strengths
One of the things I’ve found fascinating about this series, besides the captivating stories and enthralling characters; is discovering through the read how fitting the titles are. This is book four of the Rowan House series and can be read as a standalone; but I would like to recommend to read them all, even when it isn’t a factor to understand and enjoy this book, the experience is so much better. I have mentioned this before but I think it is important to say it again, that regardless it is erotica and the book has extraordinary and very hot sex scenes, the most important thing is the character development; which I must say, is remarkably done. Both characters are complex; there is so much to develop, and the way that is “unwrapped” and their growth is described, is simply brilliant.

I’m glad in this book we get to know better one character we have seen since book one, although was always only a bit. It is great to know Millie better and to know her story. Also, we get to meet another compelling character, a woman whose life got complicated from one minute to another because of the cowardice and terrible judgment of someone else. Now, Veronica has to deal with the aftermath of paying for their crimes. Trust isn’t a given for any of them. Murphy did an exceptional job going through their heavy baggage, fears and troubles left from the past and to witness how they overcame through it all. She shows how easy is to let stereotypes lead to misconceptions and how miscommunication adds to the conundrum; but that with commitment and love it is possible to conquer it all. Also, we got a striking interracial couple and a beautiful epilogue.

Book weaknesses
It has a few typos here and there but nothing major to disrupt the enjoyment of the read.

Character Chemistry:
Millie, despite everything she has gone through is very sweet and breaks many stereotypes.  She has always a positive attitude towards others, even when the heaviness of her past runs deep. Veronica is wary and it is completely understandable why. She has some rough edges because of that; although that is part of her charm, she is very captivating. Even when they had a difficult start, the sparks that flowed from the moment they met are seriously blazing. This searing chemistry only grows as they get to know each other more. It is a very beautiful thing to see their development, both personal and as a couple. They make a very complementing and flattering couple. I love the pairing being butch/butch, is intense and exquisite. There aren’t enough butch/butch romances and I am very glad we got one as good as this one is.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
It is true what they say, everything happens for a reason. Things may look wrong at the beginning; but at the end, they lead to the right path. This is a page-turning, fascinating story that will enlighten your spirit and give you hope.

Star Rating

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