Taking a Shot at Love by KC Richardson

What was the book about?
When it comes to dating, Celeste has her walls up. She has been burnt before by dating someone from work and it going badly, so her plan is never to let that happen again. That is until Lisa Tobias walks into her staff mixer.
Lisa has a plan, and coaching the women’s basketball team at this university is only a stepping stone to bigger things. Meeting Celeste is not in her plan, and falling in love is even further outside the scope.

When two people hell-bent on not being in a relationship have chemistry like Celeste and Lisa… You know it’s only a matter of time until they fall.

Featured Tropes

Butch/femme, Work romance, Sports

Book Strengths

This was a nice easy read for my chilled out Sunday. It’s very low angst, and the attraction between Celeste and Lisa is simmering right from the first chapter. Readers that enjoy the insta-lust books will like this one, as you know these two are going to make it from early on.

My favourite thing about the book is that Celeste’s curvaceous figure is celebrated. She felt more real because of it, and in my mind’s eye, she was hella sexy!

Book Weaknesses
I felt the story didn’t flow at times and could be a little clunky. There was also a lot of convoluted sentences with little meaning or connection to the story.

Character Chemistry
The connection between Lisa and Celeste was definitely prominent, but I ‘d say the sex scenes drove home their chemistry more than their interactions. The sex scenes did turn up the heat and especially Celeste’s extracurricular activities… She has a very sexy hobby!

Heat Rating

Wrap up
If you’re looking for an easy-going read with low angst and a sexy, curvaceous women at the helm, then this book is for you.

Star Rating

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