Northern Lights by Lise Gold

A great start to a fantastic series!

What was the book about?
British restaurant owner, Hannah, is on holiday in Norway to get over her ex-girlfriend and have a break from her busy career. When she meets American, Kristine from Louisiana, she feels an instant attraction.

The more time, Kristine and Hannah spend together, the more they feel a bond that surpasses friendship and typical attraction.

But when the holiday is over will the distance be too much for these ladies to find a way to make it work.

Featured Tropes
Holiday Romance, Long-distance, Instant Attraction, Femme-Femme, Novella, Christmas Lesfic

Book Strengths
This book is just one big lesfic hug. I loved the storyline and felt all the feels by the end. I genuinely couldn’t get enough of Kristine and Hannah and thank goodness it wasn’t the end for these two as the second book in the series is solely focused on them. I just couldn’t get enough.

Character Chemistry
You can sense the attraction from the very beginning, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy it would be when these lovely ladies finally lit up the sheets.

I also loved the flirty intimate moments when they would spend time together talking and getting to know each other.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
I can’t wait to read more about Kristina and Hannah’s love story. So much so I started the next book, Southern Roots minutes after finishing this one. Fantastic read.


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