Southern Roots by Lise Gold

I adore this series!

What was the book about?
This is the follow up novel to Northern Lights,where we first met Hannah and Kristine. After we left off in the last book, Hannah has gone back to London to find out her ex had been stealing from her and has left her broke.

Kristine is back in the states wondering what went wrong with Hannah and why she hasn’t heard from her. She knew they both felt the connection, and she can’t stop thinking about her. When Hannah gets a lifeline that sends her to the states, she realises this is her chance to tell Kristine what happened and do everything to make up for the lost time.

Featured Tropes
Holiday Romance, Long-distance, Instant Attraction, Femme-Femme, small town.

Book Strengths
I loved this book more than the first. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Firstly, I finished this book eight days ago, and for eight days I have not stopped thinking about it. In fact, my treat for closing out this month with all my allotted books read and reviews complete, is to re-read it… Yup, I adored it that much!

The continued love story for Hannah and Kristine is beautiful, and I felt more love and affection from them both in this book than before. I think, because we go into this knowing they have natural chemistry from book one, it meant Lise Gold could concentrate on the falling in love aspect.

I also really enjoyed getting to know the secondary characters, especially Kate Simmons, who I think might be the main protagonist in book three of the Compass Series, Eastern Nights… Isn’t that exciting. I’ll be reading Eastern Nights early in March!!!

Character Chemistry
I think we know now these ladies have sexy chemistry in the bedroom, but it’s the other intimate and emotionally charged moments that are indeed what drives this book. So many swoon moments.
Heat Rating

Wrap up
This series is shaping up to be one for the top shelf of my favourites! I’m intrigued and excited about what’s to come. This novel alone was fantastic and, I’m excited to see how the series can stay on its impressive trajectory. Bring it Lise Gold!


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