Double Six by Brenda Murphy

This series only gets better with each book, and this one is the best. Ms Murphy surpasses herself with every new addition to the Rowan House series.

What was the book about?
After losing her long-time partner Elaine MacLeod the most demanding and respected Mistress of Rowan House is extremely distressed. To help sum up her troubled mind, Elaine’s sister takes some time off, leaving Elaine to deal by herself with the audition of the only Mistress candidate Petra Grendhal. She isn’t happy about it because she doesn’t share the opinion of Martha and Lucia that Rowan House needs another Mistress to attend the clients.    

Robin Broadacre lives to make her Mistress happy and will do anything to accomplish that goal. Even volunteering to scene with Petra, she can’t help feeling extremely enticed by her. This unleashes jealousy and a severe turmoil in Elaine after she realises she aches for both of them. When Petra disappears, they go on her search. Only to discover Robin’s deadly past is lurking up front again. Will they be able to fight for their lives and win?

Featured Tropes 
BDSM / edge play / interracial / ménage / action/ mystery / kidnapping / erotica lesbian romance

Book Strengths
This is the fifth instalment of the Rowan House series although as all the books in the series can be read as a standalone. I can say this book is extraordinary, without a doubt Ms Murphy only gets better with every new book in this series. Everything is better with each book, like the character and plot development and of course, the sex scenes and these in this book are even more spectacular than the previous books; in a word, delightful. I am amazed by Ms Murphy ability to engage us deeply into the story; we can live the scenes and feel with and for the characters like, we were there. She is also a master creating in-depth, intense stories and very alluring and very well developed characters. This book is intense and meaningful; we got a lot of action and mystery besides the deepness of the feelings and topics involved. The book begins with an explosive start in more than one way; this is perfect for those who don’t like slow burns.

This book addresses power exchange, intense feelings and challenging struggles. I’d call this as a very appealing psychological feast; deals with blind stubbornness born from the fear that blocks the heart from true love, the feeling of being inadequate, the pain from self-loath, and how hurtful miscommunication can be. Also how easy it is to feed the own destructive thoughts on assumptions instead of talking clear, creating so much unnecessary pain. The positive outcome is learning that the way is to open the heart to see the things that matter. Take the risk for what the heart wants and take the time to learn and listen. Communication is key, and this will lead to trust and happiness.

This story has it all, and the twist toward the end was surreptitious, I can only say that I am very impressed by Elaine.

Book weaknesses
I can’t think of any, and I was very captivated with the intensity and vastness of the reading.

Character Chemistry
It’s fascinating to finally get Elaine’s story, to know the woman behind the hard Mistress façade. She is multifaceted, complex and a mystery. She is deep, and her true self holds so much contrast with her strong domme self; I enjoyed greatly discerning all her layers and the deepest of her soul. I am glad as well to see more of Robin, and there is much more than just the submissive whiling to do whatever it takes to make her mistress happy. She is multi-layered and has been through so much, but she has prevailed, she’s a fighter. And we got another compelling character in what I call a thrilling match in the enigmatic and charming Petra. I won’t get tired of saying how marvellous her characters are, and they are so real, deliciously flaw and relatable whether it is in a small or big capacity. And talking about character chemistry, I could melt just by reading about the love and heat between Elaine and Robin to start. Not to mention how perfect and beautifully done is the addition of Petra not only as the catalyst of fuel on the already existing blazing fire, but she also brought an intriguing personality trait that can challenge Elaine. Thus provoking both Elaine and Robin take the step they needed but were too afraid to make. In one word: brilliant.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
This is a very well-written and engrossing book, about the need to feel cherished and enough; finding a place to belong. The intensity is simply magnificent. The character development is remarkable, and the heat has its scale (fair warning, do not read in public). In my opinion, this is the best of the series. I want to recommend not only this book but the whole series.

Star Rating

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