The Golden Trinity by Robyn Nyx

Look out Lara Croft… Chase Stinsen is the new Tomb Raider!

What was the book about?
Rayne is an Antique hunter, and she’s the best. Her affluent lifestyle is reflective of her high fee and her go-getter attitude. The only thorn in her side is Archeologist, Chase who does everything by the book and respects the history behind the relics. 

When they are forced together again after a year of avoiding one another Rayne is not prepared for the new, improved, fit, and handsome Chase. But Chase is holding onto old grudges and unresolved problems of the past.  

Can these two work together with each other and call a truce? And will Rayne be able to show Chase she’s not the only one who’s changed?

Featured Tropes
Enemies to Lovers, Butch – Femme, Action-packed, Mystery, Thrill of the Chase (excuse the pun)

Book Strengths
What an excellent book and I demolished it in one go! I had such a great time reading Uncharted and would be happy to pick it up again tomorrow. The pace was perfect and felt like I was on the adventure with Chase and Rayne. For the last 30% of this book, my heart was in my chest with all the excitement. 

I loved the build-up of Rayne and Chase’s romance. I was really taken with Chase and her kind, honest, and hero-like personality. I think I swooned so hard I nearly fell off the sofa. 

Rayne’s character felt like she was on a personal discovery just as much as her archeologic one. Every moment spent with Chase and her steadfastly honest and kind heart, Raynes emotional walls came down, and she let Chase see her true self and vulnerability the way no one ever has.  

The secondary characters were just as fun, especially Raynes female security guards, who were ex-military and all kinds of sexy (in my head anyway).  

Character Chemistry
These two are very sexy together. The chemistry between Chase and Rayne is palpable. When Rayne is describing Chase with her appraising eyes, I could almost picture her and her divine hotness. 

Heat Rating
Three flames

Wrap up
I was utterly intrigued by this book from the get-go. I found myself wondering if Robyn Nyx would make this into a series as Rayne and Chase have so much more to come in their Treasure Hunting future! 


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