Finding Aurora by Rebecca Langham

WOW… Just wow!

What was the book about?
The beautiful retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a queer twist! 

Featured Tropes
Lesfic Fairy Tale

Book Strengths
I loved every moment of reading this enchanting, classic fairy tale with a twist. The writing is tight and engaging from the beginning. The story of Aurora, the sleeping princess is not new to me and as a child, I read this book and watched the Disney movie. Rebecca Langham has made this little girl inside me jump for joy at being represented in this masterfully rewritten fairy tale. 

I loved the character of Talia, the Spellcaster. She helps and aides Prince Amir in his quest to find and rescue Princess Aurora. I loved the bond between Amir and Talia as friends and as colleagues on their great quest. They truly had an emotional connection that was beautiful to watch. 

Rebecca Langham was able to keep all the traditional beauty in this fairytale while introducing a new and intriguing element that had me excited to turn each page! I don’t want to go into too much detail as there are many ways to drop spoilers and trust me, you don’t want that.

Wrap up
I really hope Rebecca Langham continues this story into a second novella or a novel. Phenomenal read! Go grab it now. 

Star Rating
5 stars

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