Online by Madeleine Taylor

Smokin’ read!

What was the book about?
After her divorce, Val stumbles upon lesbian fiction and more than enjoys it. She decides to join a Lesbian fiction online book club. After connecting with another member of the group they take things out of the book club and start up a private chat.

From there they build on a sexual attraction but with a world of difference between them from their jobs, personal lives and living in different countries, this can never be more than an online distraction, right?

Featured Tropes
Erotica,Coming Out, Lesfic, Mild BDSM

Book Strengths
Whoever you are Madeleine Taylor, you have me hooked. This was one scrumptious lesbian erotica read. Even the storyline had me intrigued. It was the perfect length that gave the reader enough insight into the characters while the sexual chemistry was at the forefront.

The chemistry was undeniable from the get-go. Val and Syd’s attraction even through words was sexy and almost palpable. And when they did start the sexy talk I thought my kindle was going to burst into flames it was so hot. Madeline Taylor definitely ramped up the kink in this one and I think It should be a prerequisite to all her novels going forth because she writes it so deliciously well.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  

Wrap up 
If you’re looking for a novella that is not only sexy but a bloody good read, you must check out online sooner rather than later.


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