Behind the Sun, Above the Moon – Edited by Brooklyn Ray

Contributing Authors
Ziggy Schutz, Paige S. Allen, Brooklyn Ray, J.S. Fields, S.R. Jones, Alex Harrow, Emmet Nahil, Sara Codair and Anna Zabo

I am not a huge short stories reader. I often feel that by the time I’m into the story, it’s over. Seeing J. S. Fields’ name on the cover of this anthology however, made me want to give it a try. I loved the Ardulum series so much, I wanted more of their writing.

What was the book about?
Behind the Sun, Above the Moon offers nine definitions, nine interpretations of magic, nine representations of non-binary characters in own voices. The stories take the reader from world to world, universe to universe. Some are set on Earth, others are not, in an intriguing mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Some are stories of redemption, some feel like beginnings, others like the end of forever. 

Featured Tropes
Non-binary and trans characters; Magic; Aliens; Witches; Sirens; Spaceships; Stars

Book Strengths
First of all, it’s fantastic to have a collection of stories highlighting non-binary characters, and even more fantastic that they’re all own voices.

The stories didn’t all work for me on the same level, but I found them all thought-inspiring and captivating. Short stories collection can be very uneven, but this one feels completely coherent, and not repetitive either. Even the story I liked the least – Weave the Dark, Weave the Light by Anna Zabo – is really good. My favourites were twice-spent comet by Ziggy Schutz (a little slow to start but beautiful), Awry with Dandelions by J. S. Fields – surprise! – and Death Marked by Sara Codair.

Character Chemistry
There’s not a lot of romance in these stories so chemistry isn’t really relevant.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and overall awesomeness of this anthology.

Star Rating