Eastern Nights by Lise Gold

This series is awesome… Keep em’ coming Lise Gold!

What was the book about?
Kate is married to her job as an interior designer and it’s worked because she has her pick of jobs including a new funky hotel opening in Thailand. She doesn’t have time for relationships but enjoys the company of women but only as a one night stand.

Felicia has a plan and if she keeps working hard she can begin to make her dream a reality. But while working for long stints in exotic places, like her now contract in Thailand, she likes to enjoy herself, and sex with a beautiful woman is always fun.

When Kate and Felicia have a night of no strings attached passion, they think it was a one time thing. But both women are left feeling more than normal… Could they have finally met their match? And if so, how would more work when they are both on very different life journeys?

Featured Tropes
Femme-Femme, Friends with benefits, Insta attraction, Long  distance

Book Strengths

I adore this series and I was ecstatic to find out I would get not only more snippets from Hannah and Kristine but that Kristine’s best friend, Kate was going to be the focus in this book… Heaven! I loved Kate as a secondary character. Her straight-talking, her wit plus the kindness and love she has for her best friend in Southern Roots was endearing and she was a fun character to read. In this book as the sole focus she was a hoot, add in sexy Felicia and it was a fantastic ride.

I loved Kate and really felt for her in her moments of insecurity. The reader can sense how scared she is to show her vulnerability to Felica. The attraction between Felicia and Kate is so well written you can almost feel the chemistry fall from the page.

Felicia was a fun character to pair Kate up with. I loved how alike they were in so many ways but also how different. Felicia seemed to be more up front with her feelings than Kate but it was still after a few miscommunications.

Also, Lise Gold knows how to paint a scenic picture in my head and after finishing this book I looked up flights and accommodation in Thailand for my next trip because it is now on my must see list.

Character Chemistry

Well, these two certainly set the sheets on fire and left me a little hot under the collar. There was an element added to these scenes that ticks a box for me and I am telling you, Lise Gold made it work… Wowser! Holy hotness Batman!

They also had some intimate scenes where the sole focus was vulnerability and emotion. These were the scenes that cemented my faith in Kate and Felicia as a couple. #swoon

Heat Rating:
4 Flames

 Wrap up:
Another fun book from the compass series and one that I can’t wait to read again soon… Maybe I’ll take it to Thailand with me!


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