Find Your Heart by Susan Stocker

Find Your Heart is like sitting on the couch, flicking through a photo album, stopping at random points and exclaiming, “Oh my God! Remember when we did this?” then giggling at the memory.

What was the book about?
Find Your Heart, the sequel to Kiss Your Elbow begins in 1968 at junior college when jobs, friends, and the gay women’s bar scene dominated life. The late sixties were the beginning of the women’s movement. It was a time when we used fake IDs to enter the popular women’s gay bar scene, and where my very disastrous and futile attempts at dating provided an infinite number of comical, and cringe-worthy and often painful moments. You’ll remember your own awkward first dates, first relationships, and first heartbreaks as we go on a wild and memorable ride through the sixties, seventies, and eighties in Southern California, looking for our first real loves.

Featured Tropes
Autobiographical, awkward moments, dating, late 20th century

Book Strengths:
The subtitle of the book is A Wild Romp through the 70s, 80s, and 90s—Surviving Fake IDs, Awkward Dates, and Best Friends Cheering as You Finally Fall in Love (Embellished Memoir Book 2), which basically says it all. It is a book that reads like journals which for years have been lovingly written in, detailing the exploits of late teens/early twenties lesbian, and then collected into one location. It is fast-paced, often jumping ahead in time by perhaps months in only a paragraph or two, so the action feels like it rolls along.

Book weaknesses
Because the book reads as you’ve dipped into a journal, the action and the events are the priorities. The characters become very much part of the background and are rather like moving parts in the exploit, rather than people who engage and feel and emote within the event.

Character Chemistry
There is some between Sarah, the MC whose point of view is used throughout the story, and her girlfriends. But because the novel is not really about the characters as such, the chemistry doesn’t really get a chance to develop.

Heat Rating
2 flames

Dipping into someone’s life is always interesting and slightly voyeuristic, and it was fun to see what Sarah and her friends would get up to next.

Star Rating
3.5 stars

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