Never Too Late For Heroes by A.L. Brooks

What happens when you put together Ms Brooks fine writing and the most fantastic, amusing superheroines’ story? You get one of the most extraordinary superhero books you can find.

What was the book about?
This is book 6 in the Superheroine Collection. Agent Geena Fox was in charge of a very special team, six years prior they defeated Jewel, a supervillain that caused utter chaos; the problem is that when she was taken down, she took one of the team with her. Now Geena is only waiting for retirement when they assign her a partner and a rookie none less. She isn’t in the mood to entertain her rookie partner, so she sends her to chase what she believes is a wild goose chase. Leigh Walker needs to prove to herself and everyone else that she deserves to be in the agency and is eager to start working with the legendary agent Fox, and she is determined to fulfil her first mission. Agent Fox never thought the wild goose chase would clash with her past and would make her confront her feelings, changing her life forever.

At the same time in a retirement home in Missouri, four senior women live an easy life, but as their noisy nurse Dana got to learn, nothing is what it seems; and when these residents with odd behaviours and the same surname Power, receive the visit of two agents of a mysterious government agency, she can’t resist the urge to know what lays behind. Will be these women able to work together to defeat the supervillain once again and for good?

Featured Tropes
Superheroes / a side of romance / lesfic / family 

Book Strengths
I can’t think of a word to describe precisely how good this book is, so I hope my words are good enough to illustrate this masterpiece.

When I saw the cover and read the title I knew we were in for a treat, and I wasn’t wrong. It is a very well written superheroine story with smart witty and funny dialogues, an intriguing plot and very lovable characters. We couldn’t ask for more. Well done Ms Brooks, well done.

This is one to grab attention, a page turn undoubtedly; you won’t be able to put it down. There are several things that I loved about this book. To start we got not one but five superheroines, all of them very different but with very fascinating and charming personalities. We got as well all the action to defeat the supervillain, a side of romance, and not one but two romance arcs. The book also has very interesting connotations. Family is very important and one of the main topics. There’s a metaphor that came to mind about how our power fails when we lose the purpose of our existence; I found the deepness of this thought quite revealing. Another thing I found very appealing is the fact these women, these superheroines aren’t young ones, their experience and stories are richer. I know I’ve already mentioned how good this book is. Although good is an understatement, it’s epic, absolutely epic and I am very glad Brooks took the necessary time to tell the story, it just couldn’t have been rushed. 

Book weaknesses
For some readers could be a downfall that the romance is a very slow burn. But consider the main story is the action and the undertones with a side of romance. It slows a bit in the middle of the book but picks up quickly. 

Character Chemistry
The characters are simply charming and fascinating, very human, flawed and relatable (yes, with superpowers and all). The familiar link between most of them allows terrific, witty, smart and very funny dialogues. The Power’s banters are marvellous and something to look for. Then we got the two romances, first Geena and Fyre, these two are something else and both very stubborn, tough ladies but all soft inside and completely mushy with each other. Their journey is both fun and frustrating at the same time, but nonetheless enticing. The chemistry can’t be denied, they’re great together; Then there’s Leigh and Dana, both fierce but so cute as well. Both women are very young and at the beginning of their careers. Their story is all adorable and fluffy, an interesting contrast with that of Geena and Fyre.

Heat Rating

 Wrap up
This is an action book with a side of romance, and its greatness is beyond words. But if I’d have to choose a few words to describe the book, I’d say is a brilliant and epic masterpiece.

Star Rating

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