Perfect Timing by Dena Blake

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What was the book about?

Falling for your the aunt of your best friend was never going to be easy, especially when the aunt is more like her mum. But that’s what happened to Maggie when she met Carrie’s aunt Lynn. But Lynn pushed her away, making it clear it wasn’t going to happen for them. Years later, they are now working in the same hospital and even living in close proximity. Lynn is no longer married, and Carrie is no longer residing in the same state (even though she still sees them often). Is their chance to have what they both wanted years before? Or is Lynn going to let the worry that a relationship with Carrie’s best friend will not only break her and Maggie but could also ruin her relationship with Carrie forever? Or maybe it’s just perfect timing?

Featured Tropes
Age Gap, Doctors – Nurses, Medical, second-chance

Book Strengths
This book is the kind of book you sit down to on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea and the sun shining in your bedroom only to realise at 5 pm you’ve not left your bed because it was too good to stop reading. That sums up how I feel about this romance by the formidable Dena Blake. She keeps getting better and better and surprises me every time. The pace in this book was excellent, and I really liked the build-up to Lynn finally giving in to her feeling for Maggie. Especially her little moments of jealousy… those were fun to read.

Lynn is definitely a woman to be reckoned with, and the fact she was older and confident in herself just made her so ridiculously sexy! I loved the idea of being so unbelievably attracted to someone and knowing it’s mutual but not being able to do anything about it. I think what I especially liked in this book was there were so many things Lynn assumed and had preconceived ideas about who Maggie was. But Maggie just showed her time and time again that she was A. not like Lynn’s ex and more about her job than Lynn and B. was not too young. It often happens in age gap romances that the younger of the couple is seen as too young, but It’s really shown that, in fact, they are not too young.

Dena Blake proved Maggies worth with every moment she had page time. In fact, at one moment in the book, I shook my head and said: “Come on, Lynn get with the program Maggie is wonderful!”


The chemistry was undeniable between Maggie and Lynn, and it ramped up the more time they spent with each other. Their stolen moments when Carrie was around, were the best. I think any age-gap romance ramps up the chemistry for me because I just imagine it being all hot and steamy!

Heat Rating

3 Flames

Wrap up

Fabulous book and just what you need to snuggle up and relax with a cup of tea or vino.

Star Rating:

4.5 stars

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