Cash and the Sorority Girl by Ashley Bartlett

Cash is with a BANG!

What was the book about?
Cash Braddock is back! And she and girlfriend, Laurel are going after the bad guys once more. This time they are after college kids who are drugging young women with ketamine and assaulting them. The stakes get heightened when Laurel’s sister, Lane is assaulted. Now It’s personal. 

Featured Tropes
Anti-hero, crime, series

Book Strengths
Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. Because in reading this book, there are a few things I can guarantee. 1. You are going to laugh. A lot. 2. The sarcasm is phenomenal, and one of the main reasons I adore this series. And 3. Be prepared to feel emotionally destroyed afterwards because honestly, this book is all heart, but there are some hard to read moments. Is it worth it? Fuck yes!!! 

Well hell, Cash has stolen my heart once again. She and Laurel are soul mates. Plain and simple. I’m not sure there is a couple out there in Lesbian Fiction that, by almost all definitions, shouldn’t be a couple but somehow work in the lovely “meant to be” kind of way. 

Yes, Cash is technically the bad guy with her drug-dealing past, but She’s also so sweet and loving. She genuinely loves Laurel like she loves no one else and you can almost see her hurting when Laurel is hurting and happy when Laurel’s happy. Gah! She’s somewhat perfect —especially the moments when she is supporting Lane whilst also trying to support Laurel through a horrific time. I probably see an even deeper side to Cash in her moments with Lane. They really sparked a beautiful friendship. 

The chemistry between Cash and Laurel? Oh, Hell, yes!! It’s there from book one and just gets stronger and stronger. Sexually and non-sexually these two have so much chemistry it emanates off the page. 

Heating Rating
4 Stars

Wrap up
This is a phenomenal book and an extraordinary series. I really can’t wait for the next instalment. Please may it be soon? 

Star Rating
5 stars 

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