Western Shores by Lise Gold

Chemistry is fierce in this one!

What was the book about?
Ally Santos lives and breathes her small town of Capitola. It has given her strength through hard times and holds all of her favourite memories of the past. Ally has been a widow longer than she has been married, and she may never get over her husband, who was the love of her life. Ally owns a small bar on the beachfront of Capitola, and she lives in the house next door with her son, Theo. Ally also owns a small studio attached to her home, however can no longer rent it to holidaymakers who complain about the noise from the bar. She plans to get a full-time tenant and finally be able to relax. Her new tenant is Madison Wilson who has just begun working close by as a marine biologist.

Ally feels a connection to Madison straight away, and it confuses her. Not only is Ally straight but she is seventeen years older than Ally. This is clearly just a crush? Right?

Featured Tropes
Age-Gap, Lesfic with Kids, Toaster oven

Book Strengths
Every time I read one of Lise Golds books, I can’t believe I waited so long to pick up her books. I have yet to read one of her books I don’t love, and this book is no exception. First off, Ally and Madison are a fantastic pairing, and I really liked that she moved the age parameters even further than I have ever read before…. or that I can remember. Seventeen years feels massive when you are falling for someone, but Madison seemed older and more mature than her age would suggest, and Ally definitely did not seem forty by any stretch of the imagination. And for a forty-year-old, she was sexy, adventurous and had a gorgeous personality. I wasn’t surprised that Ally was drawn to her. I know I would be.

Ally’s son, Theo, was an absolute highlight for me. Not many Lesbian fiction authors write young children well, but Lise gold nailed Theo and his personality. I loved the friendship Madison strikes up with him separate to Ally. It is beautiful and isn’t rushed, so it was nice watching their friendship development.

There are many elements to this book, these two have many a mountain to climb, and it won’t be easy. I won’t say any more just jump on board and enjoy the ride! Also, we had cameos from the other characters from the first three books. Yay! Always a pleasure to hang out with the southerners.

Off the chart is the only way to describe the intensity of Ally and Madison’s chemistry. They really enjoyed each other sexually, but they also had a lovely undercurrent of friendship that was at times even more intimate and affectionate than the sex.

Heating Rating
4 stars

Wrap up
I am really hoping we get more from this series even though we have run out of points on the compass. Maybe I’ll just start the series again! Grab the whole series and lock yourself away for the weekend! You won’t regret it.


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