Outback Bred by K’Anne Meinel

Book 2 of A Woman Down Under Series

What was the book about?
This story is told from the perspective of Melissa “Mel” Lawrence. If you have read Outback Born and the prequel, Shanghaied then you will know much of the story. However, this gives you more background and depth. Mel clambers ashore after jumping off the ship that had kept her a virtual prisoner and finds herself on shores Sydney harbour. Using the wealth, she has kept hidden, Mel sets out to establish herself in this new land. 

Featured Tropes
Historical Adventure, Romance

Book Strengths
The description and the depth of the story is what I really loved about this book. The evolution of Mel to attain what she wants in life, and not easily by any means is fascinating. Mel is able to use both the female and male aspects of her life to the best of her advantage. When she meets Alinta, Mel’s appreciation for her new adopted country is strengthen and her growing love for Alinta is wonderful thing to read.

Character Chemistry:
Mel and Alinta are separated by a cultural divide and yet they are drawn to each other. Through extremely dyer circumstances, dangerous and also uplifting times they always seem to have a connection. Actions speak louder than words.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the two previous novels in the series. You can feel the scorching sun on your face and embrace the beauty of the outback and its ancient ways. 

Star Rating

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