Infiltration by Jackie D

What was the book about?
This is the first of a series of three books.
Tyler Munroe, a marine, was injured in her last tour of duty in Iraq and has now given the task of training a group of super geeks or rather CIA analysts in the arts of unarmed combat. Tyler has to do it in only six weeks. Falling for someone is not in Tyler’s plans especially a recruit. Brooke Hart is one of the six analysts in the group and takes an immediate liking to Tyler. As determined as Brooke is to get close to Tyler, Tyler is as equally as determined not to let her, or is she? In the middle of the training program the group and their leader are through into something that is far more real than the training exercise. A homegrown terrorist group might be the reason that will keep Tyler and Brooke apart, completely.

Featured Tropes:
Intrigue, thriller and romance 

Book Strengths:
I read this book the first time when it first came out in 2015 and it still one that I think about. The premise of the story is fascinating and thrilling. All the characters are so well written. The relationship between Tyler and Brooke is a rollercoaster and keeps you wondering even though you know, well you think you know that they will get together in the end. The scenarios in the “Farm” are so vivid that at times I felt I was there.

Character Chemistry:
Tyler and Brooke spark from the get go. Their evolvement from teacher/recruit to lovers is a wild ride that makes the reader feel all the frustration, the humour and the love throughout. The character chemistry within the group of recruits makes for a richer read.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
When you finish reading Infiltration, I bet that you will want to read the next instalment, Pursuit. The passion, excitement and the drama of this novel is brilliant. I can’t say more than to do yourself a favour and go out and buy it, and maybe the other two books in the series. You will not be disappointed,

Star Rating:

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